December 30, 2013


Working in retails during the holiday means constant blaring of holiday music in the ears. The night is not so silent now if Rudolf can't decide whether "his" Christmas blue is caused by over-laboring or gender confusion. Beside, it's so damn cold outside baby, I can't wait to roast your chestnuts and go fah la lah la lah all over your face. And no, you are not all I want for Christmas, I also want your lovers and all your lovers' revenge, maybe an iPad too. Yes, they manage to throw in a Lady Gaga song once in a while to change the mood. Amen to that. Whether or not you work in retails, you need to break away from an overdose of holiday music, unless you're one of  those people who listen to O Tannenbaum in May just because you can (e.g. my sister.) With that in mind, I offer you a mix of very tropical French house for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

December 21, 2013


Holiday Balls
The 21st of December is the shortest day of the year. The lack of sunlight makes me feel like a tragic babushka lamenting over burnt potatoes. Thanks to the glorious spirit of the holiday's commercialization that I can live my excitement vicariously through the experience of others. This girl just bought her mom a 7'' tablet; I'd prefer it somewhere in a neighborhood of 9'' and above, but I guess that will do for the time being. Another girl got a big bag of Christmas beignets, deep-fried to a golden delicious crisp. Hark! Nobody cares about the correlation between a low caloric diet and longevity anymore. For me, I want no tablet nor grease, I just want to bring my lover home and have a very merry gathering with the rest of my family. Below are several possible reasons why I can't. Pick one for your entertainment.

November 5, 2013


Source: Chainsawsuit
When you're done with undergraduate education, what do you usually do? I know this girl who went straight to medical school after an exotic vacation along the coast of Vietnam (the flight took 27 hours, one way.) Other people got married and flooded Facebook with artsy wedding photos (I wasn't invited.) Another guy fought with his dad then stabbed him multiple times (he looked startled in his online mugshot.) Oh so many juicy details that I could babble about all day, so I don't have to talk about myself.

You probably remember my rants on the medical school application a while back. Now when I think about it, that time was actually quite fuzzy and fluffy like a fat country baby eating peaches off the hard wood floor. Maybe I should have complained a little bit less? But ranting makes me feel so good, so that's what I'm gonna do.

August 21, 2012


Mars the Planet
"This story is about the countless bottomless wells dug into the surface of Mars and the young man who climbed down into one. These wells were dug by the Martians tens of thousands of years ago, and that’s well-known, but the strange thing is that all of them, and I mean all of them, were dug so they wouldn’t strike water. So the question of why the hell they bothered to dig them is something nobody knew. As for the Martians themselves, aside from these wells, there wasn’t a trace of them left. Their written language, their dwellings, their plates and bowls, metallic infrastructure, their graves, their rockets, their vending machines, even their shells, there was absolutely nothing left. Just those wells. And the Earthlings had a hell of a time deciding whether or not you could even call that civilization, but those wells were definitely really well made, and all those tens of thousands of years later there wasn’t even so much as a single brick of a ruin

July 4, 2012


Into the woods go the hipster boys and girls. The city is just so overly populated with too much technology disrupting the flow of nature. I dare you to go completely unplugged from this mundane world and immerse yourself in the deep green of the woods. That dude from Emory did it, he wrote a book about it, and got a big fat bag of cash from everybody from the vegan nature lovers to the bacon sucker rednecks down the trailer parks.

I think they might have wifi in the woods? I need it to upload live photos of dead branches and other significant flora and fauna like squirrels, moss, and stuffs. I will have so many followers on Tumblr, and that makes me so damn happy I won't mind making another tofurkey for my brutal meat-eating friends even though it's not even thanksgiving yet.

May 16, 2012


My friend Maria was high and talking philosophy to a tree in an Amsterdam park. She made a friend that day. How about my experience with drugs? I ate two cookies laced with weeds once... unknowingly. That's what you get for eating dessert before the main courses. Attending a liberal college, I also found a bag of weeds lying tauntingly in the hallways a while ago. Somebody lost their joint!

Boys and girls, I don't smoke. Well, I do, sometimes, depends on your definition of "smoking" and what is being smoked. Real smokers swallow, let it soak in, and drift it off their nostrils. I just blow it off, though. That still counts, right?

May 15, 2012


I present to you three sensual mixes with melodic rhythm, cool vibes, and provocative lyrics to make it easy for you to drop 'em down low, keep it intimate, and get your groove on. All together, the mixes have been played for more than two thousand times on 8tracks. With a total of 24 tracks, you are guaranteed to have up to an hour of pure audiorgasm. Well, I'm starting to sound like a bad infocommerical here, so please excuse me and enjoy the music!

May 14, 2012


My relationship with God is getting stranger and stranger every year. I was born into a Catholic family; even though my mom is a born-again Christian, she takes it more seriously than anyone else, a God-fearing woman, that is. She believes in her supernatural connection with God, who gives her strength and wisdom to endure hardship. She has been constantly praying so I quit liking boys, but I don't think she can change God's intention.

My mind wandered during a biochemistry lecture one day. I should have been focusing on what was being said about DNA replication and reparative mechanism from damages. Instead, it dawned upon me with certain questions that I am sharing with you below.